Storytelling, once a purely oral tradition, made the leap to print centuries ago. Since then, very little innovation has occurred beyond recording stories as they are read aloud. Until now.

With the advent of ScoreyTales, Marian Mason Publishing ushers in a new era of telling stories with music. This innovation uses music not just as background to a story but as an integrally developed element of the story, much as filmmakers use music to enhance the emotions conveyed by their actors.

Unlike creating a musical score for a film, however, the art of ScoreyTelling requires the composer to orchestrate the timing of the recorded voice, not just the music, and thus control the flow and impact of the story. As a result, the ScoreyTale composer crafts a dynamic auditory experience in which the music is as much a part of developing the story as the spoken words are of telling it.

In collaboration with composer Dan Gross, Berry created the first ScoreyTale by transforming his book Escape from Enchantment to a “scored novella,” which is discussed in more detail on the page Escape.

Experience this amazing new genre by listening to these four clips:

Sam makes the discovery of his life.

The family’s patriarch Henry Norton, former U.S. Senator from New Mexico, dies from Alzheimer’s. His funeral service in Las Cruces offers a remarkable tribute.

The funeral procession leaves Las Cruces.

Sam and his family fly back to Washington, DC.