All proceeds from Escape from Enchantment will be donated to organizations searching for a cure for Alzheimer’s.

Escape from Enchantment • Paperback with Resource Section

By J. Patrick Berry

2018 Edition contains a new section with supplemental information for coping with Alzheimer’s.

Paperback with glossy cover, 133 pages. $9.95

Escape from Enchantment • Premium Softcover

By J. Patrick Berry

No one would imagine that Sam Johnson had a care in the world. Senior partner in a major Washington law firm, rich beyond his wildest dreams, and still madly in love with the same woman he had married 40 years ago. But today, Sam Johnson faced the biggest crisis of his life: he had just discovered his wife was planning to kill him.

Thus begins the novella that explores the dramatic impacts on Sam’s family when his father-in-law, former New Mexico Senator Henry J. Norton, is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Aware of his wife’s plans to kill him when they return home to Washington from New Mexico, Sam prepares to run for his life as soon as their plane lands at Reagan National.

And run he does, as fast as he can.

Premium Softcover, 131 pages. $14.95

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Escape from Enchantment • Two CD Set

Narrated by J. Patrick Berry, with Music by Dan Gross

The first scored novella of its kind re-imagines Escape from Enchantment as a tale set to a dramatic musical score. The haunting music follows Sam Johnson from the first inkling that his wife intends to kill him through the final harrowing run for his life. The set includes 2 CDs. Total running time: 2 hours, 19 minutes. $24.95

Musical Score from Escape from Enchantment • Audio CD

From the scored novella by J. Patrick Berry, with music by Dan Gross

This CD features memorable themes from the ScoreyTale version, without the narration. Also included are four bonus tracks not available in the scored novella version.

Total running time for the CD: 1 hour, 12 minutes. $9.95