Escape from Enchantment, by J. Patrick Berry, describes the impact on a family when its patriarch is struck down with Alzheimer’s. It is based on the author’s experience with Alzheimer’s when his father-in-law was diagnosed with and subsequently died from the disease.

Originally published in paperback and digital versions for Kindle and iTunes, Escape from Enchantment was also recorded as an audiobook.

Because of his own personal knowledge and exposure to the ravages of Alzheimer’s, Berry joined George and Trish Vradenburg and two other individuals in 2009 to create a new organization with the mission to find a cure for the disease by 2020. In 2010, he became a founding board member of Us Against Alzheimer’s (

Berry has committed to donating all proceeds from Escape from Enchantment sales to organizations seeking a cure.

The paperback may be purchased here; digital versions are available on Amazon and iTunes.

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ScoreyTale Audiobook

In 2016, the limited edition audiobook version of Escape from Enchantment, complete with its musical score, was remastered by Grammy award winner Scott Shuman. As with the paperback and electronic versions of the book, Berry will donate all proceeds from the audiobook’s sale to organizations involved in finding a cure for Alzheimer’s.

This unique version of a story told through music is available as a 2-CD set.


In response to demand for a version of the music without the narration, Marian Mason Publishing recently released a CD of selected themes from the musical score of the ScoreyTale version of Escape from Enchantment.